Michael's highly anticipated new album, "Harmony Sovereign" is now available.

'Harmony Sovereign's acoustic based originals exhibit a natural, organic warmth. It is Kelsh's songs, voice and presence, that rightly dominate here. This thoughtful, creative set finds it's mark consistently; without any need to shout or postulate.        John Brindle


"Well of Mercy," produced by Bill Halverson and Rodney Crowell, is Kelsh's first album since moving to Music City. It recalls the laid-back feeling of '70s country-rock, a perfect complement to the Lowell George/ Jackson Brown ambience of Kelsh's reflective vocal style.

To purchase "Well of Mercy", email Michael at: michaelkelsh@earthlink.net


The Independent
Bob Burtman

"Kelsh writes songs that have a peculiar power to them. Simple, emotional stories driven by his husky, hypnotic voice wrapped in appealing melodies that recur in the brain for days." 

To purchase "Steel Blue Ballads", email Michael at: michaelkelsh@earthlink.net